2019-20 Final Standings

Due to the Covid-19 issues, the late spring games normally played in March and April were postponed to October, the season was finally finished on Oct 28th, 2020.

Once again, the glory of the Belmont Cup goes to the victors.  Though spectators were limited due to Covid restrictions, once again, the cup proved competitive.  Two real estate teams fighting to shoot the puck through some prime 24 square feet located between the posts!  Curbow Real Estate, tied with Coldwell Banker through the first two periods, was able to score two goals while holding Coldwell Banker scoreless in the third period to claim the Cup with a 5-3 victory.

The 2020 Champs- Curbow Real Estate

2020 Playoffs

1A & K14025
2Coldwell Banker42086
3Curbow RE510106
4Fisher & Assoc14025
5Little Caesar31175
6Rocky Mtn Boat13135

Team Stats 2019-2020

1A & K41421020
2Coldwell Banker10732320
3Curbow RE81111720
4Fisher & Assoc9922020
5Little Caesar14602820
6Rocky Mtn Boat10822220